Interview with Emma

Congratulations Emma on your new appointment as Captain of Northwich Vixens, are you looking forward to the challenge?

Thank you. I’m really looking forward to a new challenge, we have a really strong team and everyone is working hard to get prepared for the new season. It will be great to get back to competitive football it’s been a big part of my routine for as long as I can remember so it’s certainly strange to step away from it for so long.

Can you give us some background about yourself, How did you get into women’s football?

My Mum really wanted me to have a hobby when I was younger and she took me to ballet, gymnastics, horse riding but I didn’t persist with any of them, then when I started with the football club at primary school, I was really in to it and I think Mum was just happy for me to be burning off all the energy I had. I was one of two girls training with the boys team and I didn’t get a lot of game time back then. It wasn’t until High School when I was told about the Cheshire Youth Games and Vale Royal looking to enter a girls football team. This was such a great experience with other girls who loved the game, and from here, the coach Tony Lee, invited us all to join his team in Winsford, Winsford Junior Girls. When the majority of the girls in the team became open age, there was no where to play locally, so Winsford Ladies FC was formed in 2004 to accommodate the squad allowing us to continue to play together as a ladies team.

How long have you been at Northwich Vixens?

I joined Northwich Vixens in 2018

How have you seen the club develop since you joined?

The club has developed massively since I joined. The club have made an affiliation with Northwich Vickies which is a great step for girls football locally as there is now a direct pathway for the younger teams right through to open age, and options to play and develop. We also have a development squad which gives players so much more opportunity than before.

Have you captained a team before or will this be your first time?

I was captain with Winsford from the age of 15, right through to when the team became Witton Albion Ladies FC in 2016. I then took a break as I was pregnant and had my little boy in 2017.

What do you enjoy most about playing for Northwich Vixens?

The dedication from all of the players and coaches. Everyone shares the same values and is there to put in maximum effort week in week out. It’s a great pleasure to play beside such quality players with so much skill and experience. Watching the team bond and grow these last few years has been a great feeling as there are so many exciting new challenges to come, and I believe if we put our mind to it and stick together we can really take it to the next level.

Favourite career moment to date and why?

I’ll always remember winning the league in the first season we had as a ladies football club and the deciding game was vs Manchester City. We only needed a draw to secure the league title and the game finished 1-1. The celebrations afterwards were the most memorable and included City giving up their cake that they had made ready to crown them as league champions! It tasted even better for us! 

Who do you support?

Manchester United

And finally what are you hoping the new 20/21 season will bring for Northwich Vixens?

I go into every season believing we can win the league, it’s the only way to play as far as I’m concerned! There will be tough opposition, and challenges along the way, but I truly believe the team has the strength and ability to win the league in the 20/21 season. Watch this space!

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